18 April 2015

Instrument Rating Courses for Helicopter Pilots

As a Professional Helicopter Pilot, you will need the Instrument Rating in order to navigate and control the helicopter in clouds or dense fog under IMC conditions.  Additionally, instrument equipped rotorcraft are becoming more and more commonplace.  Corporations are placing emphasis on this particular rating when choosing prospective candidates for employment. The hours accumulated can be counted towards the Commercial Rating. 

Course Objectives: Teach IFR Procedures

The Instrument Rating courses are designed to teach a student how to competently operate and navigate the helicopter in less than VFR weather conditions, in accordance with IFR procedures.  During this course, the student will develop all of the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete the Instrument Rating Practical Test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This course is a prerequisite for enrollment into the Certified Instrument Instructor Rating Course.

Description of the Instrument Course

During instrument ground school, a student will gain the knowledge required to safely conduct an IFR flight, including an understanding of IFR charts, cross-country planning, aircraft flight instruments, navigational equipment, and IFR regulations. The flight component of the course will give students the skills necessary operate the helicopter safely within the IFR environment including the ability to perform instrument approaches, holds, and IFR navigation.

: Course completion time is 3-10 weeks.

FAA Requirements:
Hold a Private Pilot Rating in helicopter/rotorcraft;
FAA Medical Certificate;

  • Pass the FAA written knowledge test and practical exam;

  • 40 Hours Dual Instrument Time; and
50 Hours Cross-Country Pilot-In-Command (PIC).

The Part 61 course includes:

  • 20 Hours Dual IFR Flight Training;

  • 30 Hours IFR PIC Cross-Country;

  • 20 Hours Dual Simulated Instrument Training;

  • 30 Hours Ground Instruction; and

  • 30 Hours Pre/Post Flight.

: Course completion time is 2-10 weeks.

The Part 61 Add-On course is for the student who holds a Instrument Certificate but not in a Helicopter/Rotorcraft.

FAA Requirements:

  • Hold a Private Pilot and an Instrument Rating in Helicopter/Rotorcraft;

  • Hold an Instrument Rating (other than Helicopter/Rotorcraft);

  • FAA Medical Certificate;
Pass the FAA practical test; and
Log 15 Hours Dual Instrument Time (Helicopter).

The Part 61 Add-On course includes:
15 Hours Dual Instrument Flight Training;

  • 10 Hours Ground Instruction; and

  • 7.5 Hours Pre- and Post- Flight.

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