21 December 2014

    Upper Limit Aviation Services | Commercial Operations

    Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) is first and foremost a helicopter training facility, training pilots to perform commercial operations services. At ULA our commercial ops pilot training takes place in the same aircraft used for ULA’s commercial charters and tours.  Our goal is to train pilots to perform commercial operations. Thus, ULA students are uniquely able to gain an understanding of the skills required for helicopter pilots within the commercial industry.
    Due to ULA's "in-house helicopter maintenance" program (Robinson Service Center), and the utility work conducted by our FAR 135 pilots and instructors, we are able to create an effective inner-connection between pilot training and aviation industry in general.

    ULA's pilots are trained in the same aircraft used to fulfill our commercial training operations.  Therefore, our students receive authentic training experience.
    Upper Limit Aviation is an authorized Robinson Helicopter Service Center.  ULA offers a full maintenance and complete overhaul services for the R22 and R44 Robinson Helicopters.

    Other Commercial Operations Services

    Upper Limit Aviation offers commercial helicopter tours and charters to the general public.  Commercial tours allow passengers incredible access (photo opportunities) to the scenery and natural terrain of Utah. Helicopter charter flights are a versatile means of travel; helicopters allow you to land and take off from remote areas, or city-center helipads.

    ULA is equipped with the resources to perform aerial surveys for a broad scope of industries in North America. A unique aspect of a helicopter, is its ability to pick up and place loads (External Load) using a long line (Precision Long Line), into remote areas. Whether you need general delivery, air conditioning lifts, or construction support, ULA provides commercial operations. Essentially, we are able to move anything that requires an item to be positioned from the air, within reason (limit based on aircraft and item).

    General List of Commercial Operations ULA can facilitate:

    Heavy Lifting
    Cargo nets
    Concrete / gravel skips
    Collapsible fire bucket for monsoon work
    Foam dispensing unit
    Fire lighting
    Long lines and strops
    Construction materials and machinery
    Pole and tower placement
    Tree removal
    Fencing loads
    Aerial concrete pours
    Cell tower placement
    Transmission and power pole placement and transformer removal
    Debris removal
    Pipeline placement
    Cable stringing
    Sign and promotional placement
    Water tank positioning and placement
    Housing frame loads and roof positioning
    To request a quote for commercial operations services give us a call at 855-HELI-EDU

    Commericial Operations Links:

    Helicopter Charter

    Helicopter Tours

    Aerial Survey

    Aerial Concrete Pours & Gravel Delivery 

    Robinson Service Center

    External Load | Precision Long Line

    Fire Precision

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