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    Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) presents three outstanding Helicopter Flight Schools to prospective pilots from the State of Arizona. The first is located in Class Bravo (B) airspace at the Salt Lake International airport in Salt Lake City, UT, the second is located in Memphis, and the third is located in Cedar City Regional Airport in Southern Utah. If you are from the State of Arizona and your dream is to become a helicopter pilot are willing to relocate to a neighboring state, ULA is your helicopter flight school. Arizona Helcopter Flight Schools

    ULA provides helicopter flight training for career-minded pilots interested in various helicopter flying careers, such as; oil rig platforms, Emergency Medical Services, aerial survey, firefighting, precision load/external load, charters, and tour operations. We have been offering flight training courses since 2007, and our graduates have gone on to fly for companies all around the country and beyond.

    Learning to fly helicopters through our helicopter flight schools can be an amazing experience. We have the knowledge, courses, and equipment to help you make your dream of flying a helicopter a reality.

    FAA Part 141 Helicopter Flight Schools Training | Arizona

    As an FAA Part 141 and Part 61 training facility, Upper Limit Aviation students train in Robinson helicopters, an industry standard. Additionally, ULA is also equipped for commercial operations with 135, 133, and 137 certificates allowing pilots to operate custom tours, charters, photo flights, agricultural and external load work.

    ULA, providing courses in Private Helicopter Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Helicopter Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument. Additional courses are offered in Turbine Transition, External Load, Mountain Flying, Robinson R22 Transition, Robinson R44 Transition, and SFAR 73 Transition.

    While providing outstanding advanced curricula, ULA's instructors are equipped to teach advanced courses and techniques. Our flight school courses provide the skill sets required for students from Arizona to succeed in a highly competitive helicopter aviation market. By providing a safe and dynamic learning environment, our students gain the understanding that their success is our success. 

    Arizona Helicopter Flight Training Schools

    As a Part 141 flight school, ULA offers courses that can lead to a job as a helicopter pilot.  In addition, through our partnership with Southern Utah University (SUU) we are able to offer for both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft (fixed wing training offered through Memphis and SUU), which might be covered by your Gi Bill® education benefits. Post 9/11 benefits could provide tuition and costs coverage that pays Private Pilot through advanced special operations courses.

    Pursuing a Career as a Professional Helicopter Pilot - Helicopter Flight Schools Arizona

    You may have dreamed your whole lives about flying helicopters as a career. There are very few more exciting, challenging, or interesting jobs when compared to helicopter aviation. But because it is a very desirable job, there are many people who aspire to fly helicopters as their life's work.  Essentially, helicopter flying is a competitive job market.  The school you choose for training matters.  Call Upper Limit Aviation today and speak with our Student Service Team about Helicopter Flight Schools (855-HELIEDU).

    Air Force Bases in Arizona

    Barry M. Goldwater Range - Phoenix, AZ: Located relatively close to the Mexican borders, Barry M. Goldwater Range is used for bombing exercises by the Air Force and the Marine Corps. The planes used for training include the powerful A 10, F 16, F 18 and AV BB Harrier.

    Davis-Monthan AFB - Tucson, AZ: Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona is one of the most active military bases in the United States. It is operated by the Air Force and located within the city limits of Tucson.

    Luke AFB - Glendale, AZ: Luke AFB is an Air Force operated base close to Phoenix and Glendale. It is one of the largest bases in the world and the only one out there that can successfully train F-16 Falcon pilots.

    Army Bases in Arizona

    Camp Navajo - Flagstaff, AZ: Camp Navajo, Arizona is currently the largest, most important and general base in the state. With a rich history and a lot of objectives in time, the base has grown to become a full and complete training site.

    Fort Huachuca - Cochise, AZ: Camp Huachuca was built in 1877 to defend against the Chiricahua Apaches and to guard the Mexican border. It was renamed Fort Huachuca in 1882.

    Yuma Proving Ground - Yuma County, AZ: Yuma Proving Ground covers almost 3400 square km and spreads over two counties, Yuma and La Paz. It is located in the southern side of Arizona and represents one of the widest military bases in the world.

    Marine Corps Bases in Arizona

    Helicopter Schools | MCAS Yuma: MCAS Yuma, Arizona is located 3 km from Yuma and spreads over 3000 acres. The military base is close to the Yuma international airport, wherewith it shares some facilities.

    Facts about Arizona: The battleship USS Arizona was named in honor of the state. It was commissioned in 1913 and launched in 1915 from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. World War II brought many military personnel to train at Luke and Thunderbird fields in Glendale. Phoenix originated in 1866 as a hay camp to supply Camp McDowell.

    Cities in AZ: Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Peoria, Yuma, Casas, Adobes, Catalina, Foothills, Flagstaff, Lake Havasu City, Sun City, Sierra Vista, Avondale, Prescott, Bullhead City Apache Junction Surprise, Oro Valley, Sun City West, Casa Grande, Drexel Heights


    Salt Lake Campus

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    Salt Lake City, UT 84116

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