20 April 2015

Certified Flight Instructor Program (CFI)

As a new Commercial pilot, the most important next-step in your career, is to build flight hours through ULA's Certified Flight Instructor Program.  As a CFI you can do just that - gain flight hours.  As you train new pilots, you build valuable flight hours, while being compensated for your time.  

Certificate Program: 30 days and 3 - 30 Flight Hours

The CFI Program Prerequistes:
Time Received:

  • 180 Hours Dual VFR Flight Training;

  • 5 Hours Dual IFR Flight Training;

  • 15 Solo / Supervised Solo;

  • 113 Hours Ground Instruction; and

  • 100 Hour Pre- and Post- Flight Briefing Instruction.


The Certified Flight Instructor Program is designed to train a student pilot from their beginning initial flight through completion of their Certified Flight Instructor certificate. Upper Limit Aviation’s CFI Program is designed to prepare students to pass both their written and practical FAA examinations through their private pilot, commercial and certified flight instructor certificates.

The CFI Program teaches student pilots how to fly and then helps beginning instructors understand and apply the fundamentals of instruction. The CFI Program prepares student pilots for initial entry-level jobs in the industry.

Included in the CFI Program

Part I - Introduction to High Altitude Flying
: With the majority of flight time occurring above 5000ft density altitude (DA), students learn how to determine DA and how high-DA's will affect helicopter performance. Various flight characteristics and weight-and-balance considerations are studied. Training includes extensive practice of run-on landings, auto-rotations, low rotor RPM, and max performance takeoffs.

Part II - The Mountain Environment
: Students learn about how mountain terrain affects environmental conditions.  Students are trained in the reconnaissance techniques, as well as, procedures for performing pinnacle and confined area operations at high altitude.



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