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Professional Pilot Program

Professional Pilot Program for Career-minded Aspiring Pilots

Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) has designed a Professional Pilot Program for prospective commercial airplane and helicopter pilots. If your desire is to fly airplanes or helicopters for a career, even if you have no previous flight experience, ULA's Professional Pilot Program is the way to go. ULA's Professional Pilot Program is designed new and experienced pilots who have decided to make flying their career. Go from "zero" to 1,000 flight hours and your first job as a professional pilot. Or, receive advanced training or certificate add-on's and take your career to the next level.Professional Pilot Program

Why become a commercial pilot? The answer is simple. Between now and 2035 it is expected there will be a continuous high demand for commercial pilots, especially helicopter pilots. Currently, there are not enough commercial pilots to fill the demand for pilot jobs, and experts believe that the job market for pilots will continue to improve for many years into the foreseeable future. If flying airplanes or helicopters is your dream, now is the time to earn your pilot certificates and prepare for a career flying airplanes or helicopters.

Why Choose Upper Limit Aviation as your Professional Pilot Program?

Why Upper Limit Aviation (ULA)? This answer is simple too. ULA's Professional Pilot Program is designed to take aspiring professional pilots through their pilot certifications. From "Private Pilot" through "Commercial Pilot", fully prepared to land a good paying pilot job (Zero flight hours to 1,000 flight hours).

Aviation employers are not likely to hire a commercial pilot unless he or she has logged 1,000 Pilot-in-Command (PIC) flight hours. The problem is that most student pilots finish flight school with 250 to 300 PIC flight hours. Obviously, if you do the math, there is a "flight hour gap" between finishing flight school and landing a good paying pilot job. How does a flight school graduate acquire and pay for the extra 750 flight hours needed after flight training? We have the answer, and the solution is Upper Limit Aviation.

The best flight schools design their Professional Pilot Program to help their students solve the "flight hour gap" problem. The solution is simple. We hire our top student graduates. ULA students who have earned Certified Flight Instructors (CFI)*, or Certified Flight Instructors Instrument (CFII)* certificate, can apply for an open CFI or CFII job with ULA. As a CFI or CFII, the former ULA student is now able to instruct new students, and get paid.  As a CFI or CFII, the former ULA student can gain the additional 750 flight hours required that will allow him or her to become a paid pilot with a commercial aviation company.

The Professional Pilot Program at Upper Limit Aviation

Upper Limit Aviation offers training for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI/CFII certificates following Part 61 and Part 141** flight training. Part 61 flight training is flexible training platform for those who are part-time and need more flexibility in their training schedule. Part 141 is more structured and follows a FAA approved syllabus. Part 141 requires that students follow a pre-determined, FAA approved curricula.

Typically the ULA Professional Pilot Program takes 9 -18 months of instruction and flying (250 to 300 logged hours of flight time) to complete. Students who land CFI or CFII pilot jobs with ULA after flight school can earn the additional 750 hours in 12 to 18 months.

*CFI & CFII does not mean that you have accumulated 1000 hours – simply they are sources to build your flight hours.

**For a comprehensive list of Part 61 and approved Part 141 Flight Courses offered at all ULA locations, click here.

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