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Helicopter Flight Schools for Aspiring Student Pilots From The United States Air Force Academy, CO

Upper Limit Aviation has been training commercial student pilots since 2003. We are considered one of the top helicopter flight schools in the United States.  Are you from The United States Air Force Academy, CO and are you looking for the best helicopter flight school in the nation? If so, we recommend that you consider relocating to one of three ULA flight school locations. ULA is partnered with Southern Utah University (SUU) located in Cedar City, Utah.  We are eager to serve students coming out of The United States Air Force Academy, CO.  To find out more about our three distinct locations please call 855-435-4338 and speak with our Student Services Team.

Veterans, call us to find out if you are eligible to use your 9/11 Gi Bill® education benefits to fund flight school through SUU. Private paying pilots - please note: ULA is an affordable helicopter flight school preparing students for a powerful career in aviation. Call for a “flight school comparison”, and compare our rates with other leading helicopter flight schools. Ask us about our “cost calculator”!

As one of the top flight schools in the US, ULA’s commercial student pilots collectively fly over 30,000 flight hours each year. We are a serious helicopter flight school serving students from all over the country. If you are currently living in The United States Air Force Academy, CO and you are seeking the best helicopter flight school, look no more. Call 855-435-4338 and speak with our Student Service Team and find out why so many student pilots choose ULA.  However, we are only looking for serious students who are prepared to move to attend flight school at one of our three locations.

Upper Limit Aviation has three distinct locations for students to choose from, each with their own unique advantages. We have helicopter flight schools located in Salt Lake City, UT, Cedar City, UT, and Memphis, TN. Regardless of where you are from, to attend a top flight school you are mostly likely going to relocate. Top helicopter schools are not in every State, and they are far and few between. For those serious student pilots from The United States Air Force Academy, CO we hope you take a good look at ULA before making your final decision.

Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) presents helicopter flight schools to prospective pilots from The United States Air Force Academy, CO. PLEASE NOTE: we are only looking for serious student pilots from The United States Air Force Academy, CO. We are looking for those who are willing to relocate and begin their pathway toward an aviation career. To become a commercial helicopter pilot is not easy, and only those who are truly committed make it. It takes a great deal of time, energy, and effort to become a commercial helicopter pilot.  Attending flight schools is comparable to attending medical schools.  There are only a few really good medical schools in the country and most likely they are not in your home town or state.  People who are serious about becoming a doctor will move to the location of the best school available.  Like medical schools, flight schools are also expensive.

The best ULA students are committed, willing to sacrifice, and against all odds they stick it out… they get through some very difficult hurdles because they are passionate about their dream to fly. If you are not willing to relocate then you are not serious about becoming a commercial pilot. How do we know? Because there are only a handful of quality helicopter flight schools in the US. Most people who complete commercial flight training have to relocate in order to attend the best flight school.

Is the tremendous commitment and sacrifice worth it? Absolutely, just speak to some of our graduates who have gone on to enjoy a great (lucrative) career.

Helicopter Flight Training Ratings and Certificates We Offer

If you are from The United States Air Force Academy, CO and your dream is to become a helicopter pilot, consider ULA as your top flight school choice.

Helicopter Flight Training Ratings

Private Helicopter Pilot
Instrument Rating
Commercial Helicopter Pilot
Certified Flight Instructor
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Additional Training Courses | Helicopter

Turbine Transition
External Load
Mountain Flying
Robinson R22 Transition
Robinson R44 Transition
SFAR 73 Transition

Let ULA Help You Find the Right Helicopter Flight School near The United States Air Force Academy, CO for You!

Upper Limit Aviation is allied with Southern Utah University (SUU) to provide a professional pilot program for aspiring commercial helicopter pilots coming from The United States Air Force Academy, CO. Southern Utah University is located in Cedar City, near Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Cedar City is several hours from Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Lake Powell. You would be blown away by how unbelievable it is to live in Southern Utah while going to flight school earning your college degree. SUU and ULA are known by students looking for the “adventure life”. ULA and SUU are the best kept secret in the aviation industry.

The “adventure life” in Southern Utah is like no other place on earth. Our students are people of adventure. Our students love to hunt, fish, camp, mountain bike, snow board… they are ATV enthusiasts, they enjoy off roading in their trucks and jeeps, they are rock climbers… people who live life to the fullest. To spend several years in Southern Utah while attending flight school is an adventure of a life time.

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Helicopter Flight Training Leading to a Standard College Degree

Together, SUU and ULA offer helicopter flight training to students coming from The United States Air Force Academy, CO. SUU's flight training courses lead to a standard college degree (AAS professional pilot program, Bachelor of General Studies, and/or Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies.) The SUU degree not only lead to a career in aviation but also provide students with a broad knowledge base for lifelong employment and career advancement (for more information about our partnership with SUU, click here).

If you have envisioned yourself as a career helicopter pilot we are the place to start your career path. There are very few more exciting, challenging, or interesting jobs when compared to helicopter aviation. But because it is a very desirable job, there are many people who aspire to fly helicopters as their life's work. Essentially, helicopter flying is a competitive job market. The school you choose for training matters. Call Upper Limit Aviation today and speak with our Student Service Team (855-HELIEDU).

If you live near The United States Air Force Academy, CO and you are ready to relocation in order to attend the best job on planet earth, and you want to live a life of adventure while doing it… then by all means call 855-435-4338 and find out how you can enroll.

The Air Force Academy 

When the Air Force became its own military branchin 1947, the consideration for the Air force began in order to train pilots to fly and to get a collge education.  On April 1, 1954 The United States Air Force Academy was first approved by Congress, then signed into effect by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Construction of the United States Air Force Academy began soon after. Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado, was the temporary home for the academy until 1958 when dorms were opened Colorado Springs Colorado.

The Air Force Academy is positioned on 18,000 acres just north of the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and nestled into the side of the Rocky Mountains. The altitude is slightly above 7,200 feet. Thousands of tourists visit the Air Force Academy each year to see its extensive library which includes over 700,000 books, and to visit the Academy’s chapel that spans 150 feet into the air.

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