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Welcome to Upper Limit Aviation (ULA), one of the top helicopter flight schools in the US! We serve students from around the country, including propsective students from Tennessee. Upper Limit Aviation, in partnerships with institutions of higher learning, provide helicopter pilots (student pilots) with an opportunity to attend a top flight school while earning a college degree. Specifically, ULA is partnered with Southern Utah University in Cedar City, providing flight school courses that lead to a standard college degree. For more information please call and speak with our admissions and career specialists - 855-HELI EDU.

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Upper Limit Aviation develops partnerships and alliances with top colleges and universities to leverage strengths AND provide the best possible outcome for the students. We know what employers want.  We know what employers are looking for in their pilots.  Aviation employers want pilots who have earned college degrees. By attending a top helicopter flight school like SUU and earning a college degree we believe that our students will be in the right position to land the best piloting jobs in the industry.  We are known for helping students to find the best pathway from "school" to "the real world".  Meaning, we prepare our students to follow a career path that helps them to compete for the best piloting jobs in the world.

Upper Limit Aviation and Southern Utah University can help you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a helicopter pilot. ULA offers three helicopter flight schools to train from. All three locations employ professional instructors that use state-of-the-art rotorcraft. If you are from Tennessee you might consider relocating to one of our flight school locations. If you are looking for the top helicopter flight school in the US you will soon find out that you will most likely have to relocate. Helicopter schools are far and few between, and there are only a few really good ones in the US. Upper Limit Aviation and Southern Utah University have established one the top helicopter flight school programs in the United States.

By enrolling into SUU via ULA our Veteran students may be able to tap into their VA Educational Benefits. Private pay students may be able to receive federal funding (FAFSA), or access a student loans. If finances are an issue, please call and speak with our Student Service Team to find out if your military benefits will cover your flight training and college tuition, or if you qualify for a student loan or other funding resources (such as scholarships).

ULA Helicopter Flight School Locations Serving Students from Tennessee

Cedar City, Utah

The first location is at the Cedar City Municipal Airport where Upper Limit Aviation has partnered with Southern Utah University. At a field elevation of just over 5,600 feet, this location gives students the desired experience of training in a High-Density Altitude (DA) Environment. More and more employers are requesting pilots that have High DA experience. Employers don’t want the expense and they don’t have the resources to train someone on what it takes to fly at High-Density Altitudes…so let ULA do it! Just north of Zion National Park and right at the gates of the Dixie National Forest, students here can also get some of the best Mountain Flying Experience in the World.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Our second location is at the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) which is Class Bravo (B) airspace. Our Salt Lake City students can fly out of SLC while attending Southern Utah University via SUU’s online program. Meaning, students living in Salt Lake City can attend SUU but do all their flying in Salt Lake City.

Most schools won’t let their students go near the busy airspace of Class Bravo with a Student Pilot and some FAA Regulations prohibit it! This is precisely why ULA chose one of the busiest International Airports in Class B Airspace. This offers students daily practice in communication with Air Traffic Control in a busy and highly regulated airspace. Plus, SLC is at 5,000 or above, meaning our SLC students get mountain training. At SLC our students walk away with a level of experience that stands out, making them better pilots with a skill set that employers want.

Murietta, California

Our newest location is found in beautiful Murietta California.  

Professional Helicopter Flight School Tennessee

Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) is a top Helicopter Flight Training School, providing courses in Private Helicopter Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Helicopter Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument*. Additional courses are offered in Turbine Transition, External Load, Mountain Flying, Robinson R22 Transition, Robinson R44 Transition, and SFAR 73 Transition.

ULA has several helicopter training locations serving students from Tennessee. Our location in Cedar City (partnered with Southern Utah University) is approved for FAR 61 and Part 141. Through Southern Utah University veterans may be able to to utilize their GI Bill Educational Benefits to fund helicopter flight training (depends upon eligibility - not all Veterans are eligible).  We recommend that you call and speak with SUU's VA representative and find out aobut your funding options.

*For a comprehensive list of Part 61 and approved Part 141 Flight Courses offered at all ULA locations and additionally offered through SUU, click here.

ULA is also known for training private pay and international students. ULA is one of the top affordable helicopter flight schools in the US. More importantly, Upper Limit Aviation didn’t just decide to open our flight school in the owner’s home town (like so many schools do). Our school locations are strategically located all with one thing in mind; To offer the best flight training in the world! Our locations give our students a distinct advantage when it comes to launching their aviation career.

For more information about ULA’s locations call 855-435-4338 and speak to our student pilot advocates. Our job is to help you find the fastest, most affordable, but thorough flight training pathway.

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