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Helicopter Flight Schools

Helicopter Flight Schools & Aviation Charter ServicesUpper Limit Aviation (ULA) is recognized as one of the top helicopter flight schools in the United States. Why? One simple reason - our graduates get jobs flying helicopters for a living. ULA is an affordable flight school designed for career-minded student pilots. To start the admissions process call our Student Services Department at 855-435-4338.

ULA has been approved and authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to teach helicopter flight school students under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 61 and FAR Part 141. The FAA approval places ULA on a very short list of helicopter flight schools that meet the rigorous requirements necessary to be a Part 141 training program.

Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) offers sixteen approved Part 141 courses* that will take you from “student pilot” to a “Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument” (CFII) and beyond. ULA is known for being the flight school that best prepares students for a career flying helicopters. We have developed several career pathways for aspiring commercial pilots to land their dream job. From flight instruction to college degrees, at Upper Limit Aviation we know how to lead motivated students to achieving their life long dream of becoming a commercial pilot. We know what employers want from their pilot candidates, and our job is to help you to effectively compete for the top aviation jobs.

*for a comprehensive updated list of FAA approved Part 141 Courses, click here.

ULA is engaged with Aviation-Helicopter Employers

As mentioned above, Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) is engaged with aviation employers. We know what employers are considering when interviewing their pilot candidates; they are looking for something more than most schools can offer. Employers are looking for experienced pilots (PIC hours) and specialty training. This is where ULA’s Proprietary Courses come in. At ULA you will have the unique opportunity to take advanced courses in: Mountain Flying, External Load Training, Turbine Transition Course and even a Medium Transition Course in a Bell 205.

While providing outstanding advanced helicopter flight training courses ULA's instructors are also equipped to teach advanced techniques. Essentially, our advanced courses are designed provide the skill sets required for students to succeed in a highly competitive helicopter aviation market. Our advanced students are trained by instructors with real life experience in the industry - they know what employers are looking for.

By providing a safe yet real-world learning environment at ULA, our students gain the understanding that their success is our success. Meaning, we are not considered successful unless our students earn the best piloting job and advance their careers.

For more information about Upper Limit Aviation please call 855-HELI EDU. Our admissions specialists can help you find the best pathway to becoming a commercial pilot. To start the admissions process click one of the following links: Self-Pay and Veterans.

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