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How Do I Get a Private Pilots License if I live near New Hampshire

"How can I get a private pilots license to fly in New Hampshire?" Everyday we speak to aspiring pilots who want to know how can they get a private pilots license. The question seems simple, but many people are too embarrassed to call a flight school and ask, "how do I earn a private pilot's certificate?"  We say, don't be embarrassed, be bold and ask all the questions you can.  Do not hesitate to seek out information about becoming a pilot.  Our job is to coach, guide, and support aspiring pilots from New Hampshire to find the right path to meet their individual specific goals. Get your private pilot license

All student pilots from New Hampshire must start their pilot journing by passing a FAA approved private pilot course, and then pass their FAA check ride. By doing so they will earn a private pilot license. With a private pilot license a pilot can fly recreationally, and, take family or friends along to enjoy the experience - but there are limits with a private pilot license.

To become a commercial pilot, every student pilot must start by earning a private pilot license first, and continue on to a complete courses in instrument and commercial, and pass the FAA exams and checkrides. To get paid for flying, pilots must have a commercial license issued by the FAA. Some commercial licensed pilots go beyond the commercial license, and take courses that allow them to become a "certified flight instructor" and "certified flight instructor instrument". Again, with both these courses the student pilot must pass the FAA exams and checkrides. With all five courses completed a commercial pilot can get paid to instruct, or to fly with a commercial aviation operator.

Do You Have an Interest in Becoming a Commercial Pilot?

If you are researching information about becoming a commercial pilot (paid career pilot) our hope is that you will look at Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) as your prospective flight school. To be perfectly clear, ULA has flight schools located in Salt Lake City, UT, Cedar City, UT, and Murietta, CA. Most aspiring commercial pilots from New Hampshire don't realize that they will most likely have to move (relocate) in order to attend a top nothch professional pilot school. We hope that you consider relocating to one of our locations and start your journey toward becoming a commercial pilot.  But regardless which school you choose, it would be an honor to help you along the way as you seek to obtain your private pilot's license. 

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Upper Limit Aviation is an affordable flight school offering competitive pricing.  ULA is designed for student pilots from New Hampshire who are willing to relocate in order to launch their commercial pilot career.  We also work in coordination with financing companies so that you can gain access to funding sources. Meaning, our students can complete their training faster, without the delays and interruptions that come with paying for one lesson at a time.

Before starting flight school our recommendation is that you talk to local experts in New Hampshire (flight schools, flight instructors, online aviation sources, FAA, etc.). The more you know about earning a pilot's license the better off you will be. You can start learning by calling our Student Service Team at 855-435-4338. We will gladly coach you through all your options.   

For aspiring career-minded pilots we recommend that you find several experts (mentors) and ask every question you can about becoming a commercial pilot. Earning a commercial pilots license can be expensive (for a commercial license there is a great deal of training), and flying can be dangerous.  Therefore, to find the right flight school with the best flight training is extremely important.

Before you can earn a private pilot license you will need to become a student pilot.  The first step is to find a flight school near New Hampshire and have your funding ready to go.  Or, you might also look for a qualified flight instructor near New Hampshire (not all flight instructors are associated with a flight school). You can make your search easier by using a flight instructor directory, such as AOPA's flight training directory (click here), or call us and we can help you find the best option near you.Private Pilot Helicopter License

However, if you have your heart set on becoming a career pilot (commercial pilot) it is best to find a top airplane or helicopter flight school (you may need to relocate in order to enroll into one of the best schools).  The top flight schools are associated with colleges or universities and offer professional pilot degree programs. Upper Limit Aviation is an FAA approved flight school in partnership with Southern Utah University. Our students are career-minded pilots who desire to fly for a living.  If you are motivated to make your living flying airplanes or helicopters, call our Student Service Team and get started today! 

What does it mean to have a pilots license or certificate in New Hampshire?

The good news is that after you've received your private pilot's license (certificate) from New Hampshire you are able to take advanced flying lessons.  If your goal is to become a commercial pilot, your private pilot's certificate is only the beginning.  With your private pilots license you can then earn advanced certificates that will allow you to become a flight instructor or to become a commercial pilot flying for commercial airlines.  To become a commercial pilot you will need to earn advanced ratings (certificates) to your license. For example, these advanced ratings (certificates) will allow you to fly multi-engine airplanes, navigate in bad weather, and other advanced skills.

The best way to get started toward obtaining a pilots license is to find a good flight school near New Hampshire.  One way to find a good pilot school is by visiting local general aviation airports, as they might have schools of their own. Or, continue to search online and searching for flight schools near New Hampshire. Or, as we suggest, call Upper Limit Aviation.  We want to coach you through your options, and educate you on your best path forward.  If you are not interested in one of our flight school locations we can recommend a good flight school near New Hampshire.  

It is our recommendation to those from New Hampshire who are serious about becoming commercial pilots look for the very best school possible.  If you are serious about flying as a career, be prepared to move.  There are only a few really good flight schools out there, and most likely you will need to relocate.  Good flight schools are like good medical schools.  If you want to be a doctor you might consider UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles).  Why?  Because the school you attend makes a difference once you get out in the real world and compete for jobs.  For more information about the best flight schools call 855-435-4338.

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