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Upper Limit Aviation (ULA) is a pilot school for students from Washington seeking a career in aviation. ULA trains aspiring commercial pilots who's dream is to fly for a living. We serve student pilots from all over the U.S.  We have three pilot school locations to choose. If you are serious about learning to fly, and you are willing to relocate in order to attend the best aviation career pilot school, then consider Upper Limit before committing yourself to any other pilot school. Let us show you why ULA is the top career pilot school in the nation. Career Pilots and Aviation Schools

There are tons of career options for pilots from Washington in the aviation industry. But this is not true for people in every career. Right now, the aviation industry is booming. If you were to write down a list of careers that were exciting, fun, but also challenging and financially rewarding, your list would be very short. If you then looked at your list and whittled it down to those careers from a booming industry, you'd wind up with an even smaller list.

Career pilots from Washington are fortunate, because commercial pilots have careers that are exciting, fun, challenging, financially reward AND they enjoy the added benefit of an expanding aviation job market. Meaning, there are plenty of jobs available for career pilots who love to fly.

If you love the job you have chosen then you are in the right career. If you've chosen the right career, you will never feel like you are working. If you hate your job, you are in the wrong career. For most career pilots, they love what they do, and that is why they made the sacrifice to become a pilot. 

Commercial pilots have a different outlook on life. They see their office as the cockpit of an airplane, turbo prop, jet, airliner, crop duster, cargo plane, or helicopter. Career Pilots are a rare bread, and they have what it takes to make a commitment to training. There are no obstacles that will stop them from becoming a commercial pilot. If this is you, let us help you make your dream a reality.

Types of Aviation Careers for Pilots from Washington

Many pilots don't regard their career as a job because they would find a way to pay to fly if they had to. They love flying that much. If your dream is to become a career pilot and you haven't yet begun your training, consider Upper Limit Aviation as your pilot school of choice. If you'd like to get started on your aviation career journey, call ULA at 1-855-435-4338.

Emergency Medical Services Is One of the Classic Aviation Careers 

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) got its start in the armed services, just like many other medical and transportation innovations. Injured combat troops who were airlifted from the battlefield to triage units obviously stood a much better chance of surviving (in fact they had better survival rates than motorists injured on highways in the late sixties). After Vietnam, when there was a sudden influx of skilled labor and heavy equipment (such as helicopters) available, and a new career was born. Emergency Medical Services is a career that is particularly well suited to army veterans and pilots seeking helicopter careers that are demanding and highly rewarding. Helicopter Career School for Pilots

Washington Is a Prime Place to Explore an Aviation Career in Electronic News Gathering

Electronic news gathering (ENG) is a fast rising career in places like Washington. ENG demands real-time coverage of developing news events, traffic conditions and other operations that benefit from an eye in the sky. Washington, with its many highways and multiple weather systems and history of police chases, is inviting to pilots who are considering piloting careers involving electronic news gathering. If ENG sounds appealing to you, and you're a Washington resident who'd like to start flying, contact Upper Limit Aviation at 1-855-435-4338.

Airborne Law Enforcement - Helicopter and Airplane Pilots in Washington

Once students have completed their pilot training and are seeking aviation careers, airborne law enforcement can be a great choice for commercial pilots. The last decade we have seen a massive increase in police units that utilize airborne law enforcement worldwide. In the US at least, this is partially due to a program where the US Army and other military organizations have donated or sold surplus military helicopters and airplanes to local law enforcement. Sometimes a Sheriff's department may buy several perfectly usable but decommissioned military aircraft for a nominal fee of $1. This has led to a well-equipped police force, ready to hire trained and qualified pilots. Law Enforcement Pilot Careers

Sightseeing Tours and Charter Pilots around Washington

Helicopter and airplane sightseeing tours can hold a unique appeal regarding aviation careers sought out by commercial pilots. Being a pilot is a special and satisfying endeavor unto itself.

The ability to spend time around some of the most beautiful and treasured natural and man-made sights can be a thrilling and rewarding way to spend while working. Additionally, few will ever know the perspective that pilot's get to enjoy as they come to know the environments they guide sightseers through. Sightseeing pilots lead people on some amazing journeys.

Offshore Oil & Gas Support Pilots

When it comes to aviation careers for helicopter and airplane pilots from Washington, there are few areas of more steady growth than in the field of offshore oil & gas support. Few facets of the labor market can be so reliably predicted as those in the global energy market. We live in a world with a capacious thirst for oil & gas. That demand means that there is plenty of work to go around in the world's many oil & gas hotspots. Providing offshore oil & gas support is a staple job to the aviation industry.

Law Enforcement

Electronic News Gathering

Emergency Medical Services

Sightseeing and Tours

Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration


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