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Is it your dream to fly airplanes for a living?  Are you still putting off attending airplane flight school in New York? Are you tempted to put off everything in your life to become a commercial pilot but can’t find a way to make it happen? Or, are you still paying for one flight lesson at a time, struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel?  

The demand for airline pilots and commercial airplane pilots is soaring - now is a good time to enroll in airplane flight school. Upper Limit Aviation is your commercial pilot career solution, offering a pathway from zero hours to 1,000 hours and your first job as a commercial airplane pilot. If you are an aspiring pilot from New York and your dream is to fly airplanes for a living, consider relocating to one of ULA's top airplane flight schoolsCessna 172 Flying over mountains

ULA offers three fixed wing flight school locations for commercial pilot training. Salt Lake City, Utah, Cedar City, Utah, and Murrieta, California. All three ULA locations are staffed by professional instructors using standard industry training aircraft with advanced avionics. If you are from New York, and you are serious about becoming an airplane pilot, you might want to consider relocating to one of our three locations to attend one of the top flight school in the U.S

Learning to fly in through ULA is the pathway to becoming a well-rounded career pilot - ready for employment in the aviation world. For career-mined pilots, experience and training are everything.

Pilot Certificates earned through Upper Limit Aviation

Single and Multi Engine 

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

What does a commercial rating (certificate) mean for an airplane pilot who holds a private pilot certificate? Simply stated, a “commercial certificate” enables a private pilot to be compensated for flying airplanes. In order to become a professional airplane pilot (employed pilot), you must first earn a commercial pilot rating. However, before you can get a job as a “commercial pilot” you will need to build your flight hours (at least 1,000 flight hours). 

Go from "Zero" to 1,000 flight hours and into a Career as a Commercial Pilot

Most student pilots can earn their commercial certificate at 250 flight hours, but only if they are committed. It’s a lot of work but does not take much time (9 to 12 months). However, to get hired by an airline or a commercial airplane company, pilots need 1,000 flight hours. Obviously, there is a huge “flight hour gap" between earning a commercial pilot certificate (250 hours), and the 1,000 hours it takes to become a paid airline or commercial pilot. 

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Most commercial rated pilots build their flight hours (closing the "flight hour gap") by going beyond the commercial pilot rating to earn a “Certified Flight Instructor” (CFI) certificate. With a CFI certificate, commercial pilots can teach new pilots to fly, all the while gaining the 750 or so required flight hours needed to land their first industry pilot job. Cessna 152 Cockpit

Student pilots of Upper Limit Aviation can earn all of their FAA certificates through ULA, including their CFI and CFII certificate. Once they have their CFI they then can apply to become a paid flight instructor with ULA (employment with ULA as a flight instructor is not guaranteed). In doing so, the ULA student's goal is to build their required flight hours (1,000 hours) as a CFI in preparation to apply for industry pilot jobs with a commercial operator. Essentially, through Upper Limit Aviation a student pilot can go from a novice to a commercial pilot who flies airplanes for a living. 

Are you ready to get serious about finally making the decision to enroll at an airplane flight school? Then consider Upper Limit Aviation as the right choice for airplane flight training. Students can go from zero to 1,000 hours through Upper Limit Aviation. Call 855-435-4338 and speak with a Student Services Representative.

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